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14 Jun 2017


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 21 Feb 2012

Nowadays, the Internet is extending more and more, but together with this, also comes the danger. Every user who uses the Internet has a personal IP address. A lot of marketing companies and even hackers can monitor your IP address and can initiate malicious activities that can put in danger your personal data and even your personal life. Moreover, some websites limit the accessibility from some countries by analyzing the IP address of the user. What if you could change that IP address? Now you can do this with the help of the program Hide My IP. As its name clearly suggests, this program can hide your real IP address, thus making yourself invisible to hackers, as they can only see your fake IP address set by the software.

Hide My IP is very simple to install and can run on most computer configurations, even on older ones, as the system requirements and the hard disk space occupied are low. Any Windows versions can be used for running the program.

Changing the real IP address will not only offer protection from hackers, it will also allow the user to access websites that are normally blocked for a certain country or range of IP addresses. Hide My IP has a very simple interface that displays, using large fonts, your real IP address, informing the user that he is not currently hiding its IP. Clicking on the Hide My IP button will soon fix that, as the program will randomly choose a fake IP address from various countries and will automatically make all the necessary configurations. Most web browsers are supported by the program and the user doesn't need to manually change their proxy settings as this is done by Hide My IP.

Changing the IP address can also be done by using configurable hot keys. Besides that, the program can be set to automatically change the IP address at certain intervals of time.


It features a simple interface that even beginners can use it. Furthermore, it can automatically configure the proxy settings for most web browsers. Besides that, it can be set to automatically change the IP address at certain intervals of time. Last but not least, hot keys can be configured for setting and changing the IP address.


The trial version features only a few proxy servers and most of them are a bit slow, compared to the ones available in the premium version. Hide My IP is the right software for quickly and easily changing your real IP address, making yourself invisible for hackers.

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Hide My IP has been reviewed by Jerome Johnston on 21 Feb 2012. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Hide My IP 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent


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